I made them again.  THE most delicious cinnamon rolls ever.  The recipe is from thepioneerwoman.com, and I love to make them.  It takes time, but it is so worth it.  Our family hasn’t actually been able to enjoy a whole pan of these because I usually make them to give away.  I have half the dough from this batch in my fridge because I ran out of cinnamon, so I may try to make them this week for us and for our neighbors.

Or maybe I will run to the grocery store to get the cinnamon…I am starting to crave them after looking at these pictures.  It doesn’t help that we are soooo close to Christmas!!!!  All the yummy food out there just waiting to be eaten!

Put  up #13 (the last sheep), #14 (the last shepherd) and you’d see that we only have 10 days until Christmas.  Wow.

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  1. Kristy These look so good. I am going to make some to ake to our breakfast cub in the morning. Thanks for the picturs.

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