New do

Molly & Ruby needed a haircut, so I decided to call Merrilee.  Merrilee is Jason’s girlfriend of about 9 months.  Long time, ‘eh?  She had a spot come open for us at 7:00 tonight, and we took it.  Molly was beside herself with excitement.  She is all about hair.  She filled her purse with two brushes, 500 ponytail holders, and some make up brushes and headed out the door.  Ruby is not into that stuff at all, but was still excited to get a hair cut.  It had only been six months, at least, since their last cut.  Merrilee was very nice to them, of course.  She washed their hair, cut it and dried it.  They were cute, cute, cute.  Molly hides her excitement very well.  No smiling for the picture from her.  OH well.  Thanks, Merrilee, for cutting their hair!  It was fun.

One thought on “New do

  1. how cute are they!?!? their hair looks fabulous! merrilee did a great job! i had my hair ‘did’ too! we are all gonna look wonderful on our bus ride this weekend! hahaha! can’t wait to see ya’ll!

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