Two weekends ago we had some friends, The Anderson Family and The Koester Family, over to eat Potato Soup, corn muffins and apple cake.  We all had a good time just hanging out.  We don’t have cable here at the house, so the guys were forced to hang out in the mud room so they can see the computer screen…where ESPN enabled them to watch the TN/FL game.  Poor guys.

DSC_0009They did talk and eat in the kitchen some, too.

DSC_0005The kids had a very fun time all playing together.  Mack stuck close by me because he was sick, though I didn’t know it at the time.



And I got a sweet picture of “baby Jack” and his mama, Deidre.  I am not saying that the Anderson Family is like the Dorminy Family, but IF they are, this may be one of the few pictures of Mama and kids or Mama period.  Josh likes to say, “You can either live life or take pictures of it.”  Isn’t that special?  So, our photo albums have very, very, very few pictures of me.  While I am not one to love having her picture made, I would like my kids to know what I looked like or just that I was there.  Josh said they would know I was there because who else would be taking the pictures?


One thought on “Catch-up.

  1. Oh my word, when did you take all those cute pictures of the kids!! What was I doing? I love how Ruby and Katherine framed that shot! And yes, this would be one of the few pictures I am in. Too funny. By the way, thanks for the great time that night. Before I had 3 kids, I would have remembered to send a thank you note.

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