Fun Friday Night

My parents were going to come see us this weekend, but decided to wait until next weekend, so we didn’t have any plans for tonight….which was really nice.  I mean, unless we had planned a romantic, quiet, relaxing night away–that would have been REALLY nice.  Anyway, we did have a fun Friday night.  I started with some nagging about how I really wanted to finish the girl’s headboards.  Nagging is so ridiculous.  I wish I wouldn’t do it.  And I did stop nagging, but only after he started working on them.  I think I hear a dripping faucet somewhere.  OK…so my sweet, loving, patient husband worked on the headboards.  We only got one finished because we need another piece of trim, but they are starting to look really good.  I “need” to find a stencil that I like if I want to do the “R” and the “M”  OR I should ask my sweet friend Coleen if she wants to take a stab at it.  And I also “need”  a cute doorknob for the doors.  There was one at Hobby Lobby, but it was $30.  I will keep looking.


Above you see the paint chip we chose to go with the bedding.


DSC_0009The painted doors and now Josh adding some trim.  They are looking good, and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

The kids played and acted silly outside.



DSC_0005This is a picture of part of the back porch.  I love to sit in one of these chairs while it is raining.  So nice!

After we got the kids in bed, which was actually very easy since they were exhausted from a full day, Josh and I started making an apple cake from a recipe we found on  It looked so good, so we thought we’d try it out.  And I am so glad we did….except that I want to eat the whole thing now, and we all know that is just not a good idea.

There were apples everywhere….peeled, cored, slices and diced, and very yummy!




Then, there was butter.  Lots of butter and sugar and butter, oh my.



DSC_0064This picture above is the batter….oh my heavens.  I could have taken this bowl with me to the living room and just eaten the whole thing.  I didn’t.

These are the poor apples that didn’t get a chance to be a part of something spectacular.   Poor, poor Granny Smiths.




DSC_0079We had to taste it with a little ice cream…to make sure it was worth serving to our friends tomorrow.  I mean, we can’t just serve something that we have no idea how it tastes…right?  Right.

DSC_0080It was good.  Really good.

DSC_0084Worth the time, effort, calories and fun conversation Josh and I shared.  I think we’ll do it again next Friday night.

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  1. I love the Pioneer Women. I saw that recipe the other day. It looks so good.

    You can call Josh down from the corner of the roof AFTER the beds are done…ha!

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