Mysterious Moving Ornament


dsc_00053     This pretty little ornament was given to Ruby last Christmas from Gran and PawPaw symbolizing her first year of dance class.  Well, I put it on the tree and Ruby  just loves it.  She says, “Mom, seeing that ornament really makes me want to play with it.”  I tell her that I am glad she likes her ornament, but the rule is that we don’t play with our ornaments or even touch the tree. (Remember, I am scarred from Mack pulling my tree down to the floor the morning after we got it and decorated it.)  Ruby seems like a compliant child, but she actually just goes around the rules sometimes in a very sneaky way.  SO, this cute ornament keeps getting moved.  Each night I sit on the couch, look at our tree, and find that the Barbie ballerina is in a different place than when the day started.  By now it is just comical.  I have only caught her a couple of times with it in her hand…but it has been in many different spots on the tree!  Sneaky Ruby-Doo.


      Now, this precious ornament was given to Molly to symbolize how much she loves, loves, loves riding on the golf cart at both grandparent’s house.  (This can apply to Mack as well…”gof-cat” is what he repeats the whole time we are at either grandma’s house.)  Anyway, I think it is just adorable, and I am glad Mack hasn’t tried to reach it and play with it.  He seems content to just point to it a hundred times a day and say “Gof-cat.”  


dsc_00082  These are our stockings hung by the chimney with care.  Josh’s stocking is HUGE.  I thought this was appropriate since he loves Christmas the most out of all of us.  Giving and receiving gifts is a favorite part for him.  





Mack, Ben, Katherine, Ruby, and Molly
Mack, Ben, Katherine, Ruby, and Molly

These are great friends of ours, the Koester kids.  We went to their house to eat lunch and play.  The kids always have a fun time at their house.  They have great toys and so much dress up clothes!!!  Molly likes to play on Ben’s piano.  Mack gives it a go, too.  We were about to leave, so that is the only reason Ruby was actually dressed.  🙂  These girls change clothes a hundred times and sometimes stay a little “free” from any clothes at all.  Too funny…

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