Ruby and I have already had conversations about modesty and what it means and why it is important.  In Barbie’s Christmas Carol movie, Barbie wears an inappropriate dress.  My friend, Mary, prepared me for it before we watched the movie.  I mean, you don’t see the cleavage, but there is a plummeting neck line with sheer material “covering” the skin that only your husband should see.  So, anyway, Ruby now will say, “Mama, I like the bottom of her dress, but I don’t like the top.” 

Last night we were watching abc family movies…not sure what movie it was, something about Brain Freeze…the lady in a part had a dress on that pushed her ta-ta’s up and together, making quite a bit of cleavage.  Ruby, on her own, said, “Mama, it is not nice that all of this right here (pointing to the non-existent breast area on herself) is peeking out.”  or something like that….Then, she said something about how she sees a lot of people that do that.  

While I am sad that she has to see so many immodest folks, I am glad she recognizes that it is inappropriate.  We have a long way to go with this, I am sure.  It is so important though and will be worth our time and effort!

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  1. Speaking of ABC FAMILY…WHAT HAPPENED?? We were watching it the other day and were shocked at the latest show about the life of a 15 year old pregnant girl.

  2. We have these same talks at our house and you are so right…….there are many examples everwhere! I am not sure my children really get it all yet, but I will keep teaching it til they do!

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