Today is a lazy, rainy day.  We are all still in our pajamas.  First of all, we all start a little later on Thursday mornings because of how busy and late our Wednesday nights are at church.  The rain and cold weather just encouraged us in our laziness.  These kind of times are some of my favorite, and I am sure ones I will miss a lot as the kids get older.  I was watching Mack walk around in his white onsie and white socks, happy as can be this morning…and I noticed his legs were getting longer and not quite as chubby.  I am sure from the picture that this is hard to believe, but just trust me on this.  The baby of our family is getting so big!  Ruby keeps saying, “Mack is almost TWO, Mama.”  While he has four more months of not being two, what she says is true  (It also allows her to tell the world that she is almost five…in another six months).  They are all so cute and so funny in their own unique ways.










This morning we played a game.  Ruby is sooooo competitive.  We really have to watch her.  Molly is not so competitive.  In fact, she has been heard saying, “How about we all can win?”  Sounds good to me!  One time Ruby ran up the stairs and hollered down, “I beat you, Molly, I beat you.”  Molly yelled back, “I WASN’T RACING!!!!!!!!!”  Back to the game–Molly said she was going to go first and that she would like to win.  Ruby said, “Molly, whoever wins (pause) whoever wins.”  She meant, whoever wins is the winner and you can’t claim to be the winner before we even play.  Molly said again that she wanted to win.  Ruby kept saying, “Whoever wins, whoever wins, Molly.”  It was very funny to me and got even funnier when Ruby tried to have Molly repeat her.  I suppose it didn’t seem to be getting through to Molly by just hearing Ruby say it.  

I am also reminded of the time Ruby prayed before dinner.  She had just learned to swing all by herself outside….”Dear God, Thank you for this wonderful day.  And thank you for our food.  And thank you that I can swing, even higher than my friend. Amen.”  Oh my.

Just for the record, her competitive spirit does NOT come from me.  I am the gal who rolls the bowling ball and then turns around before it hits the pins…my opinion is, WHO CARES!  Josh, on the other hand……….

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