Grateful for friends

The girls have made some great friends at Liberty, and this is just a post to say I’m grateful. College is such a unique time of life. So free and fun…even if you don’t fully realize that while you’re in this season.

This weekend Molly brought her sweet friend home with her, and they were such a joy to have here. So chill and fun. They slept, did some laundry, and hung out with Mack some. They ate some good food, did some homework, and went to church with us, ate lunch with some south GA friends coming through town, capped off the afternoon with a Sunday nap and then headed back to school. And we miss them already!

Ruby traveled to a friend’s hometown and stayed there two nights. It seems like they all had a great time, too!

Super grateful for these relationships. Very special!!

I pray they always have their people in every season of their lives. And I hope they realize how special it is to have friends they can count on. A gift from God, indeed.

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