Perspective Shift

If you need to know the worst case scenario or you need a list of all that needs improvement or ways life isn’t going so great or is just too hard, I am your girl. This is not a nugget of truth I’m proud of. I’m working on shifting my perspective to a more positive outlook instead of always being on the ready with a bullet list entitled, “Needs Improvement.”

So this week I decided to make a list of what I am doing that is good and right and helpful and on the right track. It helped!

1-I take my supplements. And not just one, but several—vitamin D, multivitamin,Adrenal Rebuilder, & Omega 3 daily and curcumin a few times a week.

2-I got help when I needed it for my low energy and poor sleep. That resulted in a thyroid medication, progesterone and testosterone. my hormones are happier than they’ve been in quite a while.

3- I drink enough water and even add electrolytes daily and creatine almost daily.

4-I strength train three times a week and it’s the highlight of those days. I’m getting stronger and stronger…hello 175 deadlift and 255 hip thrust, among other things. I actually like the gym! It’s the easiest part of my health journey these days. That’s a miracle.

5-I get at least 5,000 steps a day, but usually close to 10,000.

6-I get between 120-140 grams of protein every day.

7-I get extra collagen daily.

8-I switched to a very clean half caff coffee (Fabula).

9- I still wake up and have my time in The Word and prayer time every morning. I think I pray more in this season of my life than any other season before now.

10- I opened my home for a weekly Bible Study!

11-I tried a barre class all by myself today.

12-I am persevering and building endurance under a certain situation that I’d rather run away from.

I’m sure you could come up with your own list, and I challenge you to write it down. Be proud of yourself. Take note of what you’re doing right and good! You can make a “Needs Improvement” list another day. 😊

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