{This was written a year ago. I found it in my drafts and read it and realized it’s still true. So I hit the publish button}

I thought my hydrangeas were dead.

I assumed by the brown crunchy leaves that the confederate Jasmine, which is supposed to climb the fence,was going to lay in the dirt instead.

Some of my rose bushes looked to be withering away.

And then the rain came…followed by warmer temperatures. And almost overnight it seemed that the whole yard was green and healthy—there was growth and color and beauty.

God gives the seasons. It was all His idea! The physical ones we can observe are pretty clear as we live through them and observe all that each one brings. We feel the freezing temperatures and see the bare trees. We watch the Sun show up a little more powerfully and dead gives way to life. The summer brings more sun, and we make our way to beaches and watch the waves crash and feel the warm breeze. And then the beauty of fall and all the leaves changing and falling to the ground in near-perfect temperatures—in North Carolina at least.

Life also comes in seasons, though not as conveniently predictable as the physical ones.

In one household, under one roof, all four seasons are liable to be in full force.

Winter can sometimes last way too long.

The beauty, life, warmth and growth of Spring and Summer can be taken for granted—overlooked even—before it’s gone!

And fall leaves flowing to the ground can mean a letting go of something or someone we weren’t quite ready to let go of.

The Lord reminded me this morning to hold on to Him. No matter how much life feels like a winter season, He is the one who always brings refreshment. He gives life and growth in all seasons. Water for my thirsty soul comes from Him. He feeds me like He feeds the sparrows who aren’t worried or storing up in fear. Seasons change. Try to find the beauty in all of them.

And be grateful God isn’t like the seasons—changing and sometimes unpredictable. He is the Maker of the seasons. He tells them when to come and go. And He stays with us through them all.

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