Easter 2023

We had a lovely Easter!! Such a great church service reflecting on Christ’s death and resurrection and why we can be confident in the statement—Jesus is Alive! Then, we had one of our favorite families over. They are ones we met early in our days here as we home schooled and were trying to figure out life in Charlotte. Let’s be honest though, I am still trying to figure it out. Sara became such a dear friend and is someone so easy to be around. It was great to be with friends who feel like family on this special day. And our oldest kids go to Liberty together now! So fun.

Do I have at least ten dress options? Yes I do. Was it super cold on Easter this year? Yes it was! So hot pink cargo pants and a sweater it had to be. 🤣

Now Mack is sleeping off a deviled egg hangover (he must have had a dozen!), and I am resting with Rolo who nearly lost her mind licking the Boston butt crumbs off of a plate just now.

Happy Easter! Jesus is indeed alive.

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