Straight from heaven

This needs a spot on my blog.

God gave me a treadmill.

Months and month ago, Josh and I went treadmill shopping but came home with a rower. It was a fraction of the cost of a treadmill, and Josh thought it was a better choice. “We can walk outside anywhere we want. Walking on a treadmill is boring.”

I could see what he was saying. It made sense, and I like the rower. It’s a full body workout, for sure.

But admittedly, I wanted a treadmill or a walking pad. I just wanted to get more steps in, and I despise cold weather. So with the winter upon us, I was kind of bummed to not have a little walking pad. I prayed about it several times, but that was it.

Well, last week Mack and I were driving home and right across the street at the road was a treadmill with a sign taped to it-“FREE.”

I told Mack to come with me and check it out. He didn’t want to, but I said, “oh yes you will come help me.” And after a closer look, I knew I could find a place for this treadmill. The neighbor stuck her head out the door, “It’s not great for running but it’s perfect for walking!”

Well perfect! I hate running.

So this evening I announced to Ruby, “I’m going to walk on the treadmill God gave me.” And I meant it with every fiber of my being.

Pray about everything. God’s Word tells us plainly to do this. Nothing is too small. Nothing is too big. Thank you, Lord, for hearing our prayers.

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