Sweet 16 for Molly Moo

Molly’s fourth birthday was on her very first day of a co-op with home school. And wasn’t she a cutie? That birthday button filled with princesses is adorable.

And today is Molly’s 16th birthday on her first day of her junior year of high school. And she is still a cutie.

Molly is a fun girl who loves people. She plans ways to gather at all times. As soon as one get together is over, she presents a new plan to gather people. It wears this mama out, but I’m also glad she loves people. And lots of people love her, it seems.

This group was lots of fun! But I must say there are some good friends not here because of sickness.

Fun time all around for Molly as we celebrated her Sweet 16! We love Molly and all the life she brings to our home and family. I especially love all the music that flows from her room as she plays piano and sings. Sure will miss that one day! Happy 16th, Molly Moo!

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