Vacation 2021

The burn. My fair skinned, bull-headed children got quite a bit too much sun on day 1. No amount of coercion for applying more sunscreen, wearing a hat, sitting all the way under the umbrella worked. Enter Aloe Vera, some ibuprofen and plans for a movie on day 2 for Josh and the kids.

Reading in 2 Kings about the stubbornness of God’s people and seeing the stubbornness of my kids yesterday and consequences of the burn, gives me a glimpse on the tiniest of scales of all the trouble God sees me and my hard head get into. He is so gracious. He doesn’t wipe His stubborn people off the face of the earth—mercy and grace. His long suffering is mind boggling.

I did say “I told you so…” to my kids. But I also bought the Aloe Vera and patted it gently on their burnt backs and legs. I want to help them feel better and challenge them to remember these uncomfortable consequences so that maybe they won’t repeat this mistake. God has been so gracious with me. It’s hard to comprehend His patience and kindness towards me. I’m so grateful for His love and care.

So, how about some photos of the first evening and day for us here in Florida?

The coffeemaker in the villa was tiny, so I ran to Walmart for a more suitable sized coffeemaker. Priorities.

Sunday morning started with sweet time in The Word and on the patio with Josh. Then we got our towels and chairs, ready for a day at the beach.

Dinner was at Doc Fords

One thought on “Vacation 2021

  1. love all these pics! thanks for sharing 🙂 And I’m glad to see you have your priorites straight 🙂

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