Ruby and her car

We found a car for Ruby last weekend! While she was at a musical with a friend (have I told you she is so much like her Gran?!?), we bought it and parked it sideways in the driveway so she would see it when they pulled up.

They drove to church
And they are driving to school! Can you say Mama has worked herself out of a big part of her job?!? It’s weird and good at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like teaching your kids to drive and then letting them actually drive off with most of your heart buckled up inside.

Gracious, parenting is NOT for the faint of heart. I often tell Josh I feel like I’m living at my wits’ end at all times in this season of life. Lots of big breaths and learning what to harp on and what to let go. If middle school boys would decide black tennis shoes are more cool than white tennis shoes, all the middle school boy moms would be much happier and less frustrated. It would be a start anyway.