Wrapping up the year with fun

After Christmas we spent a few days at home. Taking down Christmas decorations topped our list of to do’s. I do not subscribe to the leaving it up til January 6th idea. My neighbor saw us taking down the manger and star and said, “Dang! Y’all must be over it and ready to get that s@!% down.” Welllll, not exactly. Over the Christmas decorations, yes. Not over Jesus…..but anyway, we also rented a theatre and watched The Croods 2 with about 15 other friends. It was fun!

A few days later we headed to Augusta for one night.

Next stop—Alabama.

The skies were beautiful! I sat in a swing for a couple of hours and enjoyed the quiet.
Mack shot a boar. Josh shot a couple the night before. Lots of doe sightings but they were holding out for a buck that never showed up.

Lots of time in the woods and no tv. Good food. Good rest. Plenty of family time! Thankful for time away and just as thankful to be back home. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Welcome, 2021😊

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