waiting peacefully?

With my highschoolers at home while the school does some extra sanitizing and gives kids a break from sharing germs (there were two unrelated Covid-19 cases that came to light last week), I am newly reminded of a story from when Ruby was probably five years old or so. We were playing with her doll house. I was the baby, so I was making the baby cry. Ruby told me not to do that. She also, as the mom of the dollhouse, told the kids they were going to daycare. I asked Ruby why the kids were going to daycare—did the mom have to go to a job? Ruby looked at me as serious as could be and said, “No, the mom doesn’t have a job, but she can’t get anything done with these kids at home.” It cracked me up because my kids were always at home with me for, oh, about 15 years!!! She confirmed my feelings all along though, so there’s that.

But with them home, I am not getting things done like I would like. I am not enjoying the quiet like I usually do….I know, I know, but they are home and with me and that is sweet and special. Yes, yes it is. I love constant kitchen use and noise. 🙂 

These are weird days, for sure. The year has been a doozey and now we wait on who will be our next President.

One day if my grandkids ask me what I was thinking and feeling during the Election of 2020, I would have to tell them it was complicated. I mean, it probably shouldn’t be as a Believer. I know Jesus is in perfect control. He is sovereign and good and has purpose far beyond what I can see or know. Like at this moment, I am typing my thoughts and feelings, listening to worship music AND listening to Fox News in the background. Probably not the greatest idea. But a picture of how it all is shaking out. God has us living in this world, on this broken planet, reeling from so much unrest, unknown and unsettledness. How does one walk in peace? I went on a walk yesterday and shared my frustrations and my worries and concerns for our country with the Lord. I have some sadness about how the direction of our country affects my kids’ future. And at the same time, I know God has purpose and plans for Ruby, Molly and Mack that are not tied up in how an election goes. I pray that God continues to draw me closer to Him and give me clear vision of Him through these days of distractions and discouragment. 

I find myself scrolling social media looking for a little bit of hope, a little bit of answers, some certainty, the latest news is sure to clear all this up….right?

We can’t get fed and satisfied by reaching out for other people’s bits of hope or thoughts. Why not go to the Word and sit with Jesus?  Sit long. Sit quiet. Sit awake to His presence. That is the only thing that will get you through anything. It may sound trite or too easy or too simple, but it really is the exact right thing to say and do. Trust the Lord!

This was my journal the other morning. Much like a child who has to write over and over what they will or will not do in order to try and get it into their head, I was writing some truth over and over in hopes my head and heart would follow what I know to be true.

I have also been listening to this song (below) over and over and louder and louder. Sometimes we draw circles and shut out the noise, taking care of our souls so that we can then go out into the world with eyes that see people like God sees people. This doesn’t happen naturally. It’s intentional work. I fail often. I can’ t see my neighbor because all I see is the political sign in their yard. This isn’t right or good or godly.

Lord, help me stand firm in Your truth and Your Word and live in Your presence, full of the Spirit in this very broken world. Help me keep You as the main thing because You are!!

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