Three years old today!

It’s no secret I didn’t want a dog. My kids asked many, many times and were always met with a definitive “no way.” Then, we moved to a new state with no friends. This is when Mack really ramped up his asking and begging and was more persistent than ever. He would leave around the house, written in his sweet little 9 year old handwriting, a quote he found in a magazine: “Every boy needs two things—a dog and a mother willing to let him have one.”

Oh boy. That pretty much did it for me. We started looking for a breeder of Lagotto Romagnolos. I wanted a dog that did not shed even a little bit and so this one won! The girls and I traveled to Hayesville, NC one Friday to get her.

She was loved immediately. I had a rule that she shouldn’t be on the furniture.

And Molly let this happen. And Molly also lets her sleep in her bed. I could tell right away I could throw rules out the window.

But I will say that every mom of teenagers needs a dog. The kids get mouthy and they like to hide out in their rooms. They enjoy their friends a bit more than hanging out with parents, usually. They don’t sit in my lap anymore or follow me around like I’m the best thing in the world. BUT the dog loves me. The dog is my shadow. She is always right beside me while I’m at home. It’s sweet and only sort of annoying. She listens to me and still gets excited to go on walks with me. I can sway her with food. She’s my dog…and that’s saying a lot from this former non-dog person.

Supposedly, this dog’s life span is approximately 15 years. That means Ruby will be about 26 years old, Molly will be about 25 years old and Mack will be about 23 years old when Rolo passes. Which also means they will likely happily have their own grown up lives. Mack may just be meeting the love of his life or getting engaged by then. And then the dog will die and I’ll be heartbroken and sad. Gracious. Why do we do this to ourselves?!?! I blame the kids.

So today, on her third birthday, we did a little photo shoot with her new toys. And she didn’t give me any lip about it either or tell me not to post it anywhere. Good dog.

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, Rolo!!!! (Or is it her 21st birthday??) 🤷🏼‍♀️

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