Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day 2020. A very interesting time in our country. Global pandemic, racial tensions, an election year, face mask mandate in several states, how school will start is still unknown, and more weirdness.

In an act of sanity, we tried to do something we would normally do even though it was discouraged by most. We cooked and ate with real, live people! 😊 What a great lunch! We had friends over—old friends and new friends that are church friends and work friends, young friends and our age friends. I’m so grateful for those who were willing to be with us today as we celebrate the undeserved privilege of living in America. I sure didn’t have anything to do with the fact that this is my birth country, but I’m grateful that because of that I was able to, quite easily, hear the gospel at a very young age and know Jesus as my Savior and Lord, my Friend and my Father—Another undeserved privilege that had nothing to do with me endearing myself to God. All Jesus. All praise to Him! And who the Son sets free is free indeed!!!

I meant to get a group photo, but everyone was busy eating and talking and enjoying themselves. So I’ll share what I did get.

Now the kids have gone to hang out with friends, Josh is snoring in his chair, and I’m sitting with Rolo while she begs me to go share some BBQ with her. Sweet, silly, manipulative dog. And my neighbor just text me to ask if she can have some flour to make an apple pie. Seems like a very American thing to do today! Happy Fourth!

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