I asked him to take his mecidine before we left for school.  It’s still sitting on the counter.

I encouraged the girls to eat a breakfast bar and pulled a couple out of the basket. The bars are still sitting on the counter.

I have told the girls several tricks to fixing curly hair. They still think they know best—never mind that I have worn this curly head of hair for more than twice as long as they’ve been alive. 

I seem to give out advice and instruction out of genuine concern for the well being of each of my kids. I believe I have some wisdom to share. And many, many times they turn away from the words I impart to them. Sometimes it is just ignoring me in general. Other times it is to deliberately disagreeing and choosing opposite. 

As I watched Mack stand out in the cold temperatures this morning because he wanted to be dropped off outside while the girls went inside for their praise band practice—a practice he is welcome to come inside the warm buidling for—I just shook my head. They boy is stubborn. The boy thinks he knows best about most everything these days and it is just about to do me in.

After the girls got out of the car and I began driving away, it was like the Lord just set a question in my mind. “What words of advice or words of encouragement is the Lord giving you that you are ignoring?”

hmmmmmm. Well, why’d He have to go and get so personal?

 It put me in the same exact position as my kids. God is my loving parent with words of love and wisdom to share, and He has my very best interest at heart. I am the distracted, arrogant, floundering kid trying to do it all on my own.

So when I got home, I sat down with my Bible and a pen and notebook and asked God, “Is there anything you have been trying to tell me that I have just not been willing to hear?”

And guess what? He told me. It was a very simple thing that did require an email to be sent. But it freed up some money every month and it freed up my mind from the constant feeling that I was wasting money and wasting the opportunity. Living within God’s boundaries allows for much freedom, and I am so thankful He convicted me this morning and spoke to me about what to do.  I want to ask this question on a more regular basis. He is the leader. I am the learner. Listening is key.

Maybe one day soon my kids will feel the same way about me, but I am not holding my breath.

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