Mother’s Day 2019


I celebrated my 15th year holding the title of “Mama.” It’s such a special relationship—a mom and a child. There is such sanctification in motherhood. And accountability! They rarely miss a thing, yet they are always so quick to forgive and keep loving me.

I actually wrote each kid a note last night to give to them this morning. They are the ones who made me a mom, after all.

And each of them wrote me a sweet note. Well, mostly sweet. Ruby started with “There’s so much to thank you for, how could I fit it on a piece of paper?” She gives three reasons with explanations and included several ” I love you so much” sweetness. And ended with her signature and in parenthesis “who made you a mom.” She wants to get her full credit!

Molly wrote some sentences on an index card. Sentences like, “I get scared when you don’t sleep good” and “Thanks for homeschooling me so I can understand what all of these words mean.”  Crazy girl.

And Mack’s note started out with “Dear Mamacita, Happy Mom-er’s Day!” He is a funny kid, and I appreciate all the ways he makes me laugh.

I am now resting after our Take-Out Outback lunch after our awesome church service. And just extremely thankful for how much I am loved by Josh and our kids. Josh helped them pick out and purchase a couple of gifts that I love. And Ruby bought a sweet candle and a pretty coaster for my new office. She is so thoughtful! And I am so blessed and grateful for all that has come my way as a mom. The fun and not-so-fun, the easy and hard stuff, the highs and lows, the sweet times of bonding and the conflict to work through,  AND all the while God holds my hand as my perfect Heavenly Father, teaching me how to be a mom, how to love and keep on loving. How to serve and keep on serving. How to give and keep on giving. How to celebrate and keep on celebrating. How to comfort and keep on comforting. How to challenge and keep on challenging. And I pray that they will see me walking with the Lord through all of life, and that they will do the same for all of their life. He always knows best. And I am glad he saw it was best to give me Ruby, Molly and Mack.

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