End of the Year Review

The last day of 2018! We made it through and made lots of memories along the way.

JANUARY: I started working out and kept it up all year long. Praise the Lord!, All three kids and I survived the flu, We watched UGA win The Rose Bowl and then lose the National Championship to Alabama, Rolo experienced snow for the first time and loved it, Josh and I celebrated 17 years of marital bliss.


FEBRUARY: Mack tried out basketball, Josh went to Africa, Valentine’s Day was fun, we participated in a co-op on Thursday afternoons, and friends visited us.


MARCH: Mack started tackle football, we did lots with the youth group, Jud and KB visited us with Sweety and Cacy, Mack turned 11 and we visited Augusta and saw Marcy’s new house.


APRIL:  Eye appointment for Ruby while the other two napped, Jason&Merrilee and Deacon visited, the girls sang in their spring choir performance, Molly sang at a youth event, Mack kept playing football and loving it!


MAY: We wrapped up football season, Rolo had her first daycare stay, Josh and I went to the Kentucky Derby, PawPaw visited, and Ruby turned 14!



JUNE: We finished up our school year, the cousins visited and Dingle bit Josh, we went to the beach and had a blast, Publix opened!, and the girls and I visited Woodstock.



JULY: Uptown Showdown happened, we had our kitchen painted, got new bedroom furniture,  Rolo got spayed,  I kept working out, Josh got his deer for his office, we got a new downstairs A/C unit, Mack went to his first week long camp, and we sadly lost GG to heaven.


AUGUST: I started my tenth year as a home school teacher/mom, we celebrated Molly’s 13th birthday with Noah’s 20th, the girls got new laptops for school, Paige and her family visited us, we went to the laundromat for the first time, had fun at a football game with the Dawson kids, Josh turned 41, and Josh and I started teaching an adult Sunday school class.



SEPTEMBER: We started watching UGA football again, got new furniture for the living room, Mack started flag football, Molly dyed her hair red, had a night out with the Dawsons before a hurricane arrived, and Rolo celebrated her first birthday!.


OCTOBER: We met Bob Goff at a With Open Eyes event, we hosted a four week discipleship time on Friday nights for the young girls in the youth group, Ruby got her braces off, the girls and I went to IF Gathering, we got a new pastor, Mack was Kirby Smart for Halloween at church, and kids went trick or treating with the Dawson kiddos and Noah.


NOVEMBER: I pulled up the carpet in our sitting room, we went to Fall Retreat in Virginia, Molly and Josh went to a running coach, they went to a Hornets game, had Thanksgiving with Sweety and PawPaw, and we Decked the Halls with the youth group.


DECEMBER: Lots of shopping, lighting of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Christmas tree, ice skating with the youth group, Billy Graham Library church Christmas party, ladies party with my girls, Augusta trip before Christmas and home for Christmas Eve and Day, another Hornets game, I finished a year of working out!, and we helped with Room In the Inn at our church. Bringing in the New Year with some lazy kiddos that aren’t feeling 100% and chicken&rice soup on the stove.

What a full year! These are just a few highlights. It’s been a great 2018 with lots of growth and encouragement and accomplishments. I am excited for 2019. God is so faithful and true to His Word, and I look forward to walking with Him in the coming days. After all, every single one of the days make up the year!

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