kitchen, pumpkins, candy, mums and a verse {aka–more randomness}


  1. Bone Broth protein powder left out by me, along with my water bottle.
  2. Blender for protein shake.
  3. Rice cooker for Molly’s lunch.
  4. Crock pot warmer and insert left out from dinner last night.
  5. Clean pan from my peppers I cooked for part of my lunch yesterday.
  6. Rolo’s dog food and treats corner that is out of control.
  7. Pan left with eggs from our breakfast.
  8. My breakfast plate.

Things get messy around here when you’re keeping all of us fed! It is never ending. When one thinks about how much food prep and follow through is made by moms (and dads!), it is mind boggling.

And I did work on this kitchen mid-morning and got most of this stuff put in the right place…because in a few minutes I have to start cooking dinner. I really want my house to be beautiful and picture-perfect all the time, but that would mean no one lives here, so I am torn about that. {kidding}

Most of the time my kitchen table looks like a school room exploded on it. Books, papers, pens and pencils, football cards, cups and snacks. But by dinner time it has to be cleaned off and it looks halfway decent.

IMG_9453 2.jpg

I bought this cute dish for mints and candy, and I told the kids they’re mostly for guests, but that they could have them every now and then.

IMG_9454 2.jpg

The blue wrappers are Dove chocolates, and I don’t know if you can tell or not, but there aren’t many left. None of the kids know why that would be. I told them that maybe they had a bunch of friends over when I wasn’t here, but I am pretty sure they’ve been sneaking one every time they pass the jar.

IMG_9458 2.jpgIMG_9456 2.jpg

I am enjoying my front stoop flowers. And I sure hope October starts acting like fall with some cooler temps pretty soon!

I am continuing in my reading of Matthew, and I love to see the connections between the Old Testament and New Testament. In Matthew 7 Jesus is talking about the importance of building your life on a good foundation that can weather any outward circumstances. Jesus is our ROCK. The only person worth building your life on. I have listened to Christy Nockels’ “Build My Life on You” every morning and have been so encouraged. “I will build my life upon Your love, it is a sure foundation. And I will put my hope in You alone, and I will be not be shaken. Holy, there is no one like You. There is none beside You. Open up my eyes in wonder and show me who You are and fill me with Your love and lead me in Your love to those around me…..”

IMG_9455 2.jpg

I could have titled this post “Random, part 2” because, honestly, I am random lately! I just need to figure out ways to be more intentional with writing because I do have actual meaningful thoughts rolling around in my head. One day….



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