Molly is a teenager!

The day has finally arrived! Molly is a teenager. She was actually born a teenager, but the years just had to catch up with her, I suppose.

This child is a unique one! Has always been independent. Head strong. Creative. Able. She is the quickest to forgive. She stays out of wrestling matches around here. She loves when someone else is in the “hot seat” since many times it has indeed been her sitting in that seat. We love how God has made Molly, and we are thankful for the ways He has gifted her. We pray she will use her talents and gifts and her challenges for God’s glory as long as she lives.

She loves people. An extrovert if there ever was one. People, people and more people…that is Molly’s idea of a good time. Does it wear this mama out at times? Absolutely!! But she helps us all open our hearts and home to people, people and more people.  It only seemed right to have dinner with loads of some of our favorite people! These people have taken an interest in our kids and loved them and encouraged them and challenged them in the year or so that we have gotten to know them. They are awesome, and we are eternally grateful that they chose to spend time with us celebrating Molly.  It was also Noah’s birthday celebration! Two for one!







We had hibachi, obviously, and Mack told us today, “It was so good. All the food. I wish it never had to end.” Hilarious.

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