Wrapping it up

It’s that time of year in a homeschooler’s world when they are ready for all the books to be put neatly away, for all the work to be stored appropriately, for the kids to score amazingly on their Woodcock-Johnson tests, for the school room to miraculously be organized and clean, and for no one to need the teacher for anything for a couple of months.


Of course, that can’t actually ever happen. I mean, who really needs to take an 8 week break from math? Not my kids. Or who needs to take a break from reading? Again, not my kids. And I don’t really want them to. I just don’t want to be the keeper of all things that have to do with learning. I have to keep up with certain things for the state and to keep us on a good schedule, but I realize learning happens all the time…not only when I am recording progress or challenging them with reading comprehension questions.  They can just read a book and love it or hate it and be done with it. Amazing, I know.

As I have begun the process of closing up “official school” around here, I ran across a few things that caught my attention.


Ruby made a great grade in Pre-Algebra with Mr. D. I am considering continuing on with Mr. D for Algebra and some SAT prep courses.

This assignment below is likely the lowest of the low from Molly:


The poem below was when Mack amazed us all with his writing skills:


The kids did xtramath.com many, many times over the course of this year, and I plan to have them continue practicing their math facts this way for quite a while.


The girls finished up their choir for the year! To say they were glad about that would be an understatement.


We have planned and organized our days in many different ways. I would type out master lists every Sunday night. I used post-it notes for quite a while. And lately, I have used index cards to keep them on task; the work has gotten less and less as we wrapped up different subjects, so relaying to them my expectations got easier.


Science is sorely lacking in my house. I am not a scientist in the least. These unopened tinker crates that I ordered for Mack testify to our need of an official science tutor. But seriously, we will do these this summer when we have nothing else to do.


Mack took some good History notes at different times. The coat of arms he made to represent himself shows me not much has changed from the beginning of the school year til now:


And the plan for the summer is to do a math lesson three times a week, including xtramath.com. Also, they should read biographies and write a summary on why this person is being written about (even though Mack said to me, “I’m not really in to biographies.” OK….who asked you?). Ruby has a huge chalkboard in her room and started her list of biographies on it. I like it! Make a plan and work the plan! And, like I said, we will get those tinker crates opened up and call it science!


So there you have it, The Dorminy Academy of Higher Learning is closing up its 2017/18 school year. I am super proud of all of our hard work. My favorite part of the year was probably when we were going through the How To Study Your Bible in 30 days at the breakfast table each morning. We usually had great talks and started our day off right. I am also always happy that I registered each kid for a writing class through BraveWriter. Each class was perfect for the student, and I enjoyed working with them on writing essays and journaling and creative writing.

Here is a story Mack wrote if you’d like to read it!

Mack’s Lemur Story

I am proud of the kids for each finishing their grammar book, which concludes with them having written a whole story because they edit and correct grammar on incorrect sentences and then re-write the correct sentence. And each of them read books and had copywork to complete and discussions with me. We threw in the towel on Saxon Math and started Teaching Textbooks for Molly and Mack.  The discs aren’t playing correctly on the laptop these days, which is totally annoying, but we are working on that and will likely stick with Teaching Textbooks until Algebra and decide if we move to Mr. D. We covered History from before Christopher Columbus through after The Civil War. The girls did some Apologia General Science. And there were also lots of extra curricular things we did. I am proud of how they’ve grown and matured these past 10 months, and I am still glad I get to home school them.

Happy Summer!!

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