Molly-Moo and Ruby, too!

Molly has been singing in the youth band for almost as long as we’ve been a part of First Baptist Charlotte. This was not something I saw coming. She did teach herself the guitar and enjoys playing the piano from time to time. She also likes to write music, but I didn’t foresee her singing with the youth band. I am so glad they welcomed her in and let her use her gifts weekly! Ruby sings very well, but she doesn’t love being in front of people, so she hasn’t help lead worship…yet. She did help Molly when we did a girls-only session each Wednesday evening in February.

I snapped some pictures of Molly last night and will post the video of the girls singing together.

This was a practice run, and you can see how Ruby quiets down when her youth minister walks into the room to do something. She is definitely not looking for an audience.  🙂 Molly, on the other hand….


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