School–Making Progress!

Spring showed up early for a couple of weeks and then ran away to hide, leaving us with rain and cold temps. We are sitting around a fire doing school work today. I haven’t blogged about school work lately–it’s just a lot of math, grammar, spelling, some history and science, reading, choir practice, lots of taking care of the dog, laundry and cooking and cleaning!


I have changed the way I have planned many, many times throughout our homeschooling journey. At this time, I take an hour or so on Sunday evening to look ahead at our week and get things in some sort of order for each kid. Post-It notes are my current “thing.” I write the subject and let them know what to do. It at least gets them started in a general direction before I am needed. I am enjoying an hour working out in the mornings, and when I return I am happy to find three little kiddos working away on their school work. Well, most of the time that’s what I find.


Mack is working on grammar here.  FixIt grammar has been a great way to study grammar and editing without it being absolutely mind-numbingly boring. Each kid is on their own level in this curriculum and it works great for us…Mack is still trying to learn prepositions…they can be tricky.


This is Molly, still in her pajamas, doing math. She is the one that likes cozy and comfy over a desk or table. Oh, this child cracks me up.  She is QUEEN of trying to get out of school work.  She just came down a second ago and said, “Mom, remember when you told me to take my grammar and spelling back upstairs?? Well, I did and now I cannot find it. I looked EVERYWHERE.” My response was soooo like a mom.  “Molly, it didn’t sprout legs and walk away overnight. Go find it.” And her response was soooo like Molly.  She text me from upstairs, “ok i cant find it so imma take a shower then look. i rly don’t know where i put it”

Ok then.


Ruby is taking a four week online writing class. She is reading essays, marking them up and responding to them and also responding to other classmates’ writings.  It is a neat class, and I am so glad she is taking it.  I love to write, but directing and teaching someone to write is totally different!

Ruby is reading INSURGENT. Molly just finished WALK TWO MOONS. Mack and I are reading THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD.  I read UNDOING OF SAINT SILVANUS by Beth Moore and EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON (and other lies I have loved) by Kate Bowler, and I re-read WANTING TO BE HER. All were great books!

Mack spent some time with Rolo outside yesterday between his school work.  They are becoming best buds, and I am glad.  At first I wasn’t sure this dog situation was all Mack was hoping it would be.  I caught them on the hammock and snapped a pic.



A boy and his dog. And now this boy will have tackle football, too.  I believe he should be happy all the days of his life now. Well, at least these are two things he wasn’t denied and won’t have to talk to his counselor about one day.  🙂

Now let me go see if I can help Molly find her grammar and spelling that she looked EVERYWHERE for but could not find.


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