I am trying to post once a week on this-here blog, so before this first week in February comes to a close, let me take some time to post some photos and keep things updated.

First of all, the dog.  Rolo is a sweet dog. I have had to move my quiet times to my room where I can be alone and undistracted because, well, the dog loves me and wants to be with me if I am around.


Even while I cook she tries to find a place to snuggle. I don’t think she knows that I am still not a dog-person. Or maybe she views me as her project.


All three kids got the flu in January. Wow.  What a week.

There was just a whole bunch of nothing going on by these three kiddos. Just resting, drinking water, watching tv and more resting.  Longest week ever.

We all got trained a couple times a week for our homeschool P.E. during January. It was rough, so I thought I would continue on and do three times a week.  It sounded good at the moment, but after Friday—I am not so sure.  It is hard. That is all.

And last, Mack is still loving football. He has spent quite a bit of money on football cards. And he stuffed his jersey with clothes and begged us to sign him up for tackle football, so I am looking into local leagues.  He is a persistent dude.

This evening we are headed to his basketball game, so I best jump off this blog and get myself ready.  The dog, the flu, training and football.  What a random post!

One thought on “February!

  1. Hi! We wish y’all were still around here! It would be nice to visit with you. And Braden would love having Mack here! You all are just a few steps ahead of us…Braden is starting flag football with hopes of moving on to the real thing (I’m not sure that will ACTUALLY happen.) We are on the puppy hunt! Kids are saving money and work on their chores extra hard. I love dogs, but have been reluctant to take on one more household responsibility. But I think I have succumb! Thanks for sharing about your book choices. Trying to find more time for reading here, too! Let us know if you ever head this way! Blessings!

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