White Flag

Last week, the flu.  This week, snow. I give up. I wave the white flag of surrender.  Maybe my new New Year will be February 1. This year has gotten off to a not-great start–especially where school work is concerned.

So, the kids did spelling and grammar and Math today. Everyone has read a little. But mostly they have been going in and out of the snow and asking for food. All. day. long.

I am still in my pajamas and can’t decide what to do. It’s like I’m paralyzed. I did put a chicken in the crockpot for dinner, but that’s about as far as I have gotten on actually being productive.

So how about some pictures since I have nothing else to show for this day?


The snow started off slowly this morning.


Mack was giving his speech on how unfair it was that he had to go upstairs and get started on some school work.  I was not moved.


It continued to fall and fall and fall and is still falling.




Mack tried to build a snowman, but Rolo wanted to eat the snow he was gathering. Oh well!



Molly has spent most of her time making “snow-cream.”  She tossed a bowl out to Mack and asked him to fill it up for her.






Rolo has been like a kid.  She LOVES the snow and gets covered and wet and then asks to come in to get dried off, warmed by the fire, and she eats some snacks before begging to go back out.  She rings the bell over and over and barks until we let her go back out!



Rolo is a fan of the snow! Me, not so much.



Ruby played outside and then came in to warm up by the fire and read.  That didn’t go as she planned.


C’mon, summertime. I am really looking forward to your arrival.


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