CHRISTmas 2017

Another Christmas got here way too quick! We were able to see Irvin last week, and he took the kids to the mall for some Christmas shopping.

They each got a pair of shoes and then the girls spent some more money in Altar’d State, their favorite store. It was a fun time! And PawPaw and Rolo were able to do some bonding.

There has been a lot of lying around this Christmas break. Lying around with Rolo close by.

Molly thinks Rolo’s bed is super comfortable.  It’s concerning, actually…but sometimes Rolo gets to sleep on her bed all by herself.


My parents came by on the 23rd to spend the night and head on to their Christmas destination. We enjoyed having them here and exchanging gifts…and of course, there was time for bonding with Rolo.


Christmas Eve was filled with breakfast with my parents, then a Panthers football game, a Christmas Eve candlelight church service, and then a surprise visit from friends.  What a sweet day!


Christmas Day has been sweet as well.  Gifts and food, a walk with Rolo, a fire, naps, movies, time in God’s Word, and time together. We are grateful to be able to celebrate Jesus’ birth together as a family and with friends throughout the weekend.



Ruby and Mack had cake for breakfast on Christmas morning…I mean, why not?


Mack has been wanting a ping-pong table and a pool table.  He obviously doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings.  We don’t have any sort of extra space for such tables. So, a table tennis net that would fit on any table would have to do.


Ruby wanted sunglasses because she wears contacts most of the time and was excited that she could wear non-prescription sunglasses.


Molly has been eyeing this sweatshirt for a while.  It is “lit.”


Mack has been asking for UGA stuff for his room, so we started that process. He will get to pick out some UGA wall decor as he finds what he wants. But let’s just say, for now Mack is super happy!



Molly is upstairs playing her guitar, Mack is playing with his electric card deck and taking walks back to his room every now and then to admire it, and Ruby is watching a movie in her new Georgia sweatshirt.  It’s been a good day. Thankful!


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