Bright spots

Sometimes the week is so “interesting” that you have to remind yourself that there were bright spots.  That your home school is actually working, even though it doesn’t always go smoothly or without so. many. opinions. from these kiddos. So, after coming out of my Hurricane Irma addiction (Am I the only one who watched and watched and watched some more? Josh would say, “They are just saying the same thing, Kristy. They’re gonna say the same thing in the next 20 minutes as well.”), I led us in our home school week, but somehow it was just a wonky week. I thought sharing our bright spots might encourage me!

#1) Mack read his math lesson and made a notes sheet without my prompting.



#2) Mack and I finished Danny, Champion of the World and started The Hobbit.


I have to admit that I haven’t gotten into The Hobbit before now—I know, I know. Crazy. But I am very much enjoying this book!

#3)Our Bible curriculum (that I bought for last year, but we never got to) has been amazing.  We gather around 8:45 at the breakfast table and eat and talk and then dive into a chapter of this book.  I highly recommend it!




#4) The kids are loving church!  Youth group is a highlight, and Mack is enrolled in Awana for the first time in his life. *GASP* Bless his baptist heart! Wednesday nights were overwhelming for me for a season, so I opted out for a few years. This year Mack is in choir and Awanas. He is still unsure of choir, but we’re gonna rock along with it because I think he will grow to love it. Josh and I are helping in 11th and 12th grade Sunday School. We may have lived here over a year, but we are still making strides out of our comfort zones.  Every week there is something that stretches me here in our new place!


#5) The perks of home schooling far outweigh the challenges. Right now Mack is watching The Hobbit, and we will be discussing the differences we find between the book and the movie.  The girls are singing choir music upstairs.  They both joined a home school chorus called “King’s Chorale,” and I think they are going to love it.  It’s more formal than either of them are accustomed to — a far cry from Toby Mac and Jamie Grace–but they are jumping in with both feet! Mack and I enjoyed reading outside this week.  I read while he swung on the hammock. He gets to practice corn hole often so he can try to beat Josh. The many words that come from the kids can sometimes be overwhelming…they always have a story to tell me or someone to tell me about that they met at church….no one simply takes my orders and does their work compliantly and quietly.  They get along sometimes and other times they argue so bad I wonder if they’ll ever be friends, but overall I think the time we spend together is a good thing. I like what we are learning in History, Bible and Math. I like the music elements of piano and chorus. Language Arts feels complete and strong.  And I love that the kids are making friends at church.



We’re making it! Finishing up our fourth week of school and feeling good. Tomorrow we will use our Friday morning to do yard work! Kind of like P.E., but not.

Happy almost-weekend!

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