Harvey&Irma&Earthquakes, oh my.

What a wild world we are living in. A wild, broken world– groaning to be made perfect and whole again.  I’ve often thought that I should I have gone to school to be a counselor, and while I still believe that, I also think a close second would be to learn how to be a meteorologist.  I get consumed with weather.  The big unknowns and how they determine where in the world these natural monstrosities will go is amazing.

Anyway, navigating in this broken world is challenging enough when we aren’t faced with flooding and hurricanes and earthquakes, so when these are factored into life, anxieties are tempted to grow like a fungus, taking over every crevice of our minds and hearts. I am so thankful for my relationship with God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, who does all things perfectly. Here is a verse that we talked about this morning in regards to these days:


We also decided that for creative writing today we would write a letter to Irma. They could be polite and ask her to calm down or they could get firm with this off-the-charts hurricane.  Mack was all about this assignment.  Remember, he likes the words.


I think he did a great job expressing his feelings toward Irma! “Instead of ‘Mack, watch out for Irma,’ it’s ‘Irma, watch out for Mack!'”


One thought on “Harvey&Irma&Earthquakes, oh my.

  1. I love me some ‘Mack’….. he is one tough young man with a big soft heart.
    Back off Irma … Mack Dorminy has spoken !

    Sweety in Georgia

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