It’s only Tuesday.

So we’re two days in to our new school year.  Two days, y’all. I was talking to my sister today, and when she asked how our first day and second day went, I was like, “HAVE WE ONLY BEEN BACK FOR TWO DAYS?” It’s been a great two days, but it feels like a lot more than two days.

Here is the obligatory first day of school picture–in the shadows of the eclipse.  Bonus points for that. I thought it was great that I didn’t have to do anything in particular for science on Monday except experience it with the kids.


Math lessons are simple and full of review, so everyone is enjoying how little time it actually takes to complete a whole lesson.  Ruby has enjoyed Dr.D Pre-Algebra online so far; I think she is just overjoyed to not have a big old Saxon book in front of her. We both had our fill of that.




We did a science experiment this past Sunday from Mack’s Tinkercrate subscription. A fun bottle rocket!



Everyone seems to be enjoying their reading books. Finding time to discuss each book with each kid is a little challenging.  It can get lost in the shuffle of all the rest we are doing, but I am sure we will get into our groove over the coming weeks.

We started a writing project with BraveWriter’s Faltering Ownership materials today.  The first couple of days the kids just keep a little notebook of words.  Fun words, words they have never heard, words that they like to say, etc.  They were each given a letter and given the task of going around the house to find words that begin with that letter in each room of the house. Ruby is the only one I actually saw doing this, so we shall see if the other two completed their task tomorrow.  Here were there first pages.


Molly (are these even words? And yes, we have a spelling program)IMG_2697.JPG

Mack (can you say “one track mind”?)


We decided to take a drive to the QT for a slushee and to read some poetry. BraveWriter encourages Poetry Tea Time each week, but since we don’t love tea, slushees are a great option B. I even had the grand idea to listen to poetry podcasts on the way home while everyone was slurping.


My kids love me to read “There Was A Little Girl” to them. It’s a poem about a girl who had a curl in the middle of her forehead.  “And when she was good, she was very, very good. And when she was bad she was horrid.”  My mom used to tell me that must have been about me….

I would say WHAT A WEEK!, but it has only been two days. A really good two days of easing back in to our routine, waking the girls up instead of letting them sleep till whenever, sharpening pencils, opening up fresh stacks of paper and even doing some water coloring during History.  Hopefully we can keep this up! Mama is tired today though.

Up next, piano lessons.  And then maybe we can go to bed before dinner tonight.  You think they would notice?

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