Have you smiled today?

In an effort to be honest and open, I will first say that I learned from my counselor that one of my “yellow” signals is when one of my kids say to me, “You doing good, Mom? Are you happy today?”  That is a flag to let me know that I am probably not in the greatest place, that the kids are picking up on my unstable emotions, and  I could use that waving flag as an opportunity to do a little self-examination.  I may need to take some time to be alone, take a walk or something like that.  So, yes, I have many, many moments of less-than-superb mothering.

HOWEVER, I was so encouraged last night by Mack.  He was up later than normal reading, and I was, too.  Josh was sound asleep next to me when I saw Mack slip into the hallway to tell me he was going to the bathroom and then would come say good night to me.  (Our rooms are right across the hall from each other…little too close, but we don’t have a choice.)

He came to my side of the bed, hugged me and said, “Thank you.” I asked him why he was thanking me.  I thought it was because when I was first tucking him in I told him some encouraging things about his school day. But he said, “For smiling at us, like you just did. You always smile at me when you see me coming, and I really like that.”  I was a bit taken aback, but so thankful that he shared that with me.

I have let that roll around in my head and heart a little bit today. Thinking about how our Heavenly Father very likely smiles when He sees us coming towards Him…whether to pray or praise or complain or ask for wisdom.  He is always available for His children.

I’m not sure what your day has been like– good, bad, busy, slow, frustrating, filled with ease– but maybe we should make an effort to smile at our children when we see them  coming towards us. Let them know you’re glad they are drawing near to you.  Let them know you’re available to them for whatever they want to talk about. You will be encouraging their little hearts and teaching them about their Heavenly Father.

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3 thoughts on “Have you smiled today?

  1. Such a nice post. Yes, we should all SMILE more 🙂 And what a sweet son you have to tell you these things…

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