Too much rolling around in my brain

The kids told me that I couldn’t just document our home school life on Instagram and be done.  They said that I must start blogging weekly about other stuff we do and things they say.  It’s fun for them to look back and read funny stories from when they were little, so they want me to keep the blog going.  I hadn’t intended to NOT blog.  I just don’t have time, it seems.  I cannot tell you how many stories I have rolling around in my mind, but I just never make it to the computer to type them out.

There is so much to do to keep a house running and to home school all three kids.  Laundry is just hilarious–how it never ends.  And the cooking and eating.  Wonder why God didn’t make it so we had to eat once every other day?  That would be neat.  And less messy.

With all that is going on in the world these days with politics and Christian leaders casting doubt on the Word of God and all, it’s not like there isn’t plenty to talk about…but it’s probably best we not talk about those things out here in crazy cyber land.  I felt sort of bad for the guy helping me with my groceries though. I have a lot of pent up words. I mean, last time he helped me with my groceries he was telling me how he thinks I should grow my hair out and kept asking me why I was buying so many groceries.  “Hold on, Jim.  We just met.  I don’t care what you think about my hair, and I have a family of five to feed–three of which are growing children.  Back off.”

Well, last time I was gracious and just smiled and tried to explain why I bought over $300 of groceries.  Today, however, since I am here in our new city without friends to vent to over politics and religion, he didn’t get many smiles or gracious explanations.  He asked me where my kids were.  I told him, even though it is none of his business.  “At home doing school.”  He remembers that I home school and asks me how I like it in a tone that made it clear he thought I was a bit off for schooling the kids.  I told him I loved it (that is a half-truth…half the time I love it and half the time I hate it, ok?).  He then asked me what I like about it.  “Well, I get to spend time daily with my kids.  I teach them in the way I think best suits them and at our own pace.  We have lots of flexibility, and I teach them according to the Bible.”

Then, he asked THE question, “What about socializing?”

Seriously?  Do people still think this is a question worthy of asking.  For a second I thought of saying that I don’t worry about socialization or socializing.  I just lock my kids in the basement with their books and throw them a sandwich every day at noon.  But instead, I told him, “Oh, we go out and about.  They talk to people and answer questions.  We attend church where they make friends and go to parties.” (Why am I explaining myself to this stranger?)  He looks concerned and tried to finish my sentence…I continued, “They aren’t only around–” and this is where he broke in to say, “you all day.”  I corrected him.  “No, they aren’t only around kids their age most of the day, like in a school setting.” Personally, I  don’t really count it a high priority (or good way of learning how to socialize) for them to be in a room full of peers.

Bless him.  Bless me.  Bless this crazy world we live in.

So, ok now that I am so off track from giving my children glimpse into their life…..wonder how I should transition?  Hmmmm.  How about pictures?

I love fall!  We got out and about today to run a couple of errands.  Molly took pictures, and I am going to post them and end this post on a happy note!

The bakery we went to was beautiful!  I couldn’t get over how many delicious treats they had on display.

Then, we enjoyed driving back home looking at the trees and the gorgeous houses.


The house above is in our neighborhood.  The houses below are not.  😉 img_8576-2img_8580img_8582

We appreciate our weekends more than ever these days.  Tonight we’re having lasagna and bread with salad. And we are planning to play games.  This is fun for everyone in my family except me.  I am going to be demonstrating what it looks like to sacrifice this evening.  I would prefer to be sitting in front of the fire with a book and quiet, but I will do my best to embrace a “Fun-Filled Friday Night Game Time” instead.

Happy Weekend, y’all.

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