Easter 2016

What a fun, but wet weekend down in South Georgia!  We didn’t do a traditional Easter egg hunt, but PawPaw did send the kids off together on a scavenger hunt of a few eggs when it wasn’t raining for five minutes on Saturday.  It was so nice to be together with Irvin on Easter.  He cooked AMAZING food for us all weekend.  The man can cook.  Uncle Tony was in town, too, so we got the bonus of getting to see him.  GG was looking and feeling good, and Papa Mac came out to the house one afternoon to eat and be with everyone…must say, he is doing phenomenal for 101!  Crazy.  Jason and Merrilee were there with Deacon.  We had so much fun squeezing on him.

We all went to church together on Sunday to celebrate the Jesus is alive!


On Good Friday we went to a service as well.  Irvin had many friends gathering around afterwards to meet Deacon.  It was so sweet.


Mack got some early birthday presents while we were there as well.  The piñata was full of cash instead of candy!  Fun!


FullSizeRender 18.jpg

Happy Easter to all!

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