Gatlinburg, baby.  We are back again.  Our trips to this area are usually centered around events hosted at The Convention Center–one being an annual event directed by the hubs, actually.  This is always a fun time for our family to come hang out with Josh and meet some wonderful people.  Why other families come here to vacation is still a mystery to me.  And I don’t mean the surrounding areas in a cabin in the mountains.  I mean, this main strip in Gatlinburg.  But I digress.

We started off by visiting with our friends, The Koesters!  Ruby spent a couple of nights with them and loved every minute with her sweet friend, Katherine.  They fed us a yummy dinner, and we got to catch up with them.  I LOVE that Ruby and Katherine have been friends for their whole lives.  A rare treasure!

We have enjoyed the GORGEOUS weather God has given us this week for the Timothy+Barnabas Retreat.  Lots of sun and warmth.

Josh, Mack and Molly did some racing on Monday.  I opted to be the picture taker.

These little crazies have been together the whole time.  They have been “helping” Mr. Chris sell some of Pastor Johnny’s materials.  They are a funny crew.

Ruby arrived and got her name tag:


It was perfect and true.

The sessions have been fun for the Ladies!  Mrs. Janet always plans for a good time….and has amazing speakers come in to teach and encourage the pastor wives.

I ran into our sweet, sweet friends, The Blantons.  Love, love them and miss them!  We traveled to Israel with them a couple of years ago and had such a fun time. They were in our Sunday School class while they lived in Woodstock for about a year.  Thankful God has them in North Carolina, but we miss them!

IMG_9469FullSizeRender 18 copy

We took a ride up the Sky Lift this afternoon…it’s a G-burg tradition!


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