In The Woods

The weather all week has been BEAUTIFUL!  We are loving the sunshine and taking advantage at every turn.  There were lots of trampoline breaks from school work every day, which I welcomed.

This morning I decided that we would all go on a long walk at Lieta’s Garden.  The kids didn’t complain at all.  I love it when that happens.

As we walked, we talked and noticed.  Mack and I talked about Sam Gibley, a character in the book we just finished.  He told me what he imagined his shelter looked like while he lived in the woods.  We noticed moss and lichen on rocks and trees, which happens to be what we studied in science this week.  And we talked about being thankful for the wonderful weather and for the ability to walk such a long trail!  Mack led us the entire way, and he was proud of that. Such a trooper.

Homeschooling just about kills me on a regular basis, but I suppose I will always treasure the time we spend together throughout all of these years.  I wonder if I am teaching them as well as I should be.  I doubt my abilities and creativity, but overall, I think they are learning and growing and being challenged along the way.  They are seeing plenty of real life scenarios as we go about our days.  And we are learning how to get along…or trying to, at least.  Ruby is growing in her ability and desire to manage her own time.  I am so proud when I see her making her own lists and numbering what needs to be done first, second, third, etc.

Mack and I were butting heads the other day during math.  He was stumped on square numbers, which we have gone over five million times.  I was not patient or kind with him about it.  I gave him three pieces of paper and told him to write the square times tables until he DID know them.  And once I cooled off I told him that we would play a game to see if he actually did learn them.  We threw a tennis ball back and forth while he answered the questions…..1X1, 2X2, square root of 64, square root of 81, etc.  He loved it!

And here’s a picture capturing my view for a part of every school day:


Love learning with these kids.


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