Molly, who often reads older blog posts on this site, told me that I have a lot of posts titled, “Lately.”  I told her I am usually too tired from all the work I do around here to be creative and craft a unique, attention-getting title.  I am just surviving most days and hoping I am doing some things right around here.  Amazing blog titles aren’t high on the list.  I wish they were, believe me.  It would likely mean I have found some time to myself to think clearly and write something amazing.  But until then, I will keep titling posts, “Lately.”  And I will read about how to be a great writer while I post measley blogs about what we’ve been doing “lately.”  Seriously, this is my reading stack for the month of March!

FullSizeRender 14 copy.jpg

It may seem boring to many, but I am loving them.  Crazily, I started them all over the last few days, but I am going to zero in on one and stick with it and then move on to another book.  I have already learned a few nuggets and want to pass them along to my kiddos.  We all need some encouragement in the writing and spelling areas.

Last night the ladies from our Sunday School class were invited over to hang out.  It was fun to have them over.  I am extremely grateful for the people God has placed around me.

What did my kids do while I was with the ladies downstairs?


Does this tell you anything??  Cookies and Cheet-Os and Swedish Fish.  Oh, my!  And Molly made some videos “in character.”  I don’t know who the character is, but this person has a certain annoying voice and was giving make up tips.  Interesting.

Molly is a bit consumed at times with electronics.  It drives me absolutely bonkers.  She always want to Face Time someone or call someone or text someone.  And I want to strangle her in the process.  But here are two of her favorite people to talk to….


Sweet little Deacon and funny little Kaybeth.

Mack cannot wait until his baseball practice begins, which is tomorrow night.  We bought some baseball pants and shoes, and he thought he should wear them today to get them nice and broke in.


This is his first try at baseball.  We shall see how this goes! Even if he isn’t any good at baseball, he sure is a cutie in his baseball pants!  Love that kid.

And that’s what has been going on around here “lately.”


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