Back Home…Had Fun!

Josh and I just got back from a week away, and we really enjoyed our time together.  A little bit of work and a lot of relaxation.  No cooking.  No cleaning.  No laundry. No home schooling.  No interruptions when we were talking.  No talking in code so little ears won’t hear what they shouldn’t. A week of bliss with my favorite guy.

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He is still my favorite person to spend my time with, by far.

Then, there was the food.

It was delicious!  We ate in our room a couple of nights.  We enjoyed a yummy breakfast buffet just about every morning, and we had a couple of dinners with some great friends!  The only meal I didn’t have guacamole at was that Japanese restaurant.  Otherwise, breakfast, lunch and dinner included delicious guacamole!

The property was gorgeous and lush.  The weather was divine.  We got one day full of rain, which turned out to be a great thing.  We really enjoyed the lazy, rainy day and just being together.

I spent my days wearing my big “dome” sun hat by the pool and reading, reading, reading. Audacious by Beth Moore was absolutely wonderful…very encouraging and inspiring!  Family Worship by Donald Whitney is a fabulous short read for all parents; it is a great reminder to lead your family in worship—to read scripture together, pray together, and sing together. It could take as little as ten minutes and be the most life changing part of the day for your family.  Those parts of the days that add up into months and then into years could be the single greatest investment in your kids’ lives. Worship Together! Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy was brought along in Josh’s backpack.  He read it last year, and he was re-reading it until I stole it from him.  It is a PHENOMENAL book on time management, basically.  I am greatly challenged by the principles presented in the book.  Maybe soon I will take some time and share some of what I’ve learned from each of these books in more detail.  They are all great reads!


And I have to share this poster that was in the elevator.  It annoyed me every time.  I asked Josh if he knew what would annoy me, but he didn’t know.

Comma splice.

WHY does this little goofy sentence have a comma right there in the middle?  I know,  I’m quirky.  But it made Josh and I laugh—how it annoyed me and he didn’t even notice.

But I didn’t let it ruin my trip.  LOL!  I decided to show myself how much I love myself by trying out this spa!

Thankful for a fantastic week away.  Thankful to be home with my kiddos now!


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