A Good Day

So I am pretty quick to share about rotten, no-good, very bad days around here.  Let me take a minute and record this fact: WE HAVE HAD A GOOD DAY. There really haven’t been any arguments.  The kids did school work with pretty much no complaining.  I don’t have any laundry I HAVE to do today since I did so much already this week.  The sun is shining.  And vegetable beef soup is already made and ready for dinner! A cake is baking that the kids made to celebrate Valentine’s. Lauren Daigle music is playing. Plus, I get to go get my hair done this evening.  My roots are thankful.

In all seriousness, I am extremely thankful for good days.  Being a mom is a blessing.  And hard work.  All at the same time!  Every day won’t be like a fairy tale, but I will take a good, calm, productive day and say THANK YOU, LORD!  I needed a day like today.

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