Koester Family Visit


Our wonderful friends, The Koesters, came to visit us Friday and Saturday!  The guys were attending the Men’s Conference at church, so us girls got to hang out and catch up! It was so much fun.

Ruby and Katherine just pick up right where they left off.  They were in bed babies together, were best of friends during all of preschool (when they were both bald headed toddlers!), and then they loved each other into Kindergarten and some of First Grade until the Koesters moved away.  We were so sad that they had to leave, but we knew this was God’s plan for them.  And I now realize that I would do MUCH LESS home schooling if my friend was so close…the Lord was protecting us when He moved her.  LOL!






Thanks for coming, Koesters!  We will see you in March!

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