Weekend with Sweety and PawPaw

What a fun weekend with my mom and dad.  I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but we had such a nice visit.  We exchanged Christmas gifts on Thursday, and then we took them to Stoney River for their 42nd wedding anniversary Thursday night. Such a yummy place to eat!

We stayed at home Friday since it was rainy, rainy, rainy and COLD. We ate and the kids played games with Sweety and watched a movie. Sweety baked a pound cake with Molly.  Molly likes having Sweety around—she lets Molly eat and also watched silly videos people post on Facebook or videos of the cousins that live next door to Sweety and PawPaw in Augusta. Later that night, the kids went to the hotel with my parents and stayed the night with them.  They ate rolos and popcorn and drank coke, so they thought they were in heaven.  And so did Josh and I over here at home alone!

Saturday we waited for the sun to peek out and we went shopping.  The kids got money from Sweety and Pawpaw that they “needed” to spend.  We hit North Point Mall, New Balance, Barnes N Noble, Hobby Lobby and Target.  Whew!  We were tired.  We finished off the shopping with some mexican food for dinner.

Sunday we all went to church together and then they went home.  It was a nice few days, and I am so glad that they came to see us.

Thanks for coming, Sweety and PawPaw!  We had fun!

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