Sometimes He Listens…..

Mack does listen to me!  Here is how I know—Today we were pulling out their Language Arts supplies so we could get their assignments planned for the week.  The assignments for the week come from their teacher at Timothy Ministry.  They write out what they plan to do each day on the checklist that I print for them each week.  This ensures we stay on track (hopefully) and are ready to turn in all of our work or be ready to discuss the right book chapters on Tuesday when they return to class.

Anyway, today Mack was pulling out his binder and said, “Oh yeah mom, remember how you told us we won’t do everything right?”  I wasn’t following him, so I asked him what he meant.

“You know.  You told us we aren’t perfect and won’t get all things right all the time???”

“Oh, yes! I do remember saying that.” I said, curious as to why he was starting this conversation off like this.

“Well, on my paper I have a 60.  But that’s ok because I won’t do everything right,” he said confidently and unbothered.

I, on the other hand, was a bit shocked, but I didn’t really show it.  I just told him to hurry up and find the paper he was talking about.

Sure enough, he got a 60 on his vocabulary quiz.  OOPS!  There was a nice note written on the paper that said the lowest quiz grade will be dropped, so that is good.  Mack didn’t know what that meant, so I explained it and then he was even more unbothered, which probably isn’t good.

Sooooo, this week I am taking a few extra measures to ensure that Mack is more prepared for his vocabulary quiz.  I put the full brunt of the 60 on him and re-explained how this is HIS class that I help him prepare for, but I can’t study for him and make him know the words.  He needs to take INITIATIVE…how is that for a new vocabulary word????  But also to be fair, I did feel horribly sick last week and wasn’t much help to anyone around here, so I am sure that had something to do with it!

Happy take-a-quiz-everyday-to-prepare-for-your-next-quiz, Mack!!


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  1. We are straight up homeschoolers in my house — Renn asked ‘what is a 60’ and I answered ‘an F’…she then asked ‘what’s an F??’ Hmm…

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