It was a long five months…

For five months of the year I am a digit older than Josh.  Today, we are on equal ground when the question is asked, “How old are you?”  Same digits now!  But it was a long five months while Josh had a lower number than me.



These kids love their dad…he is so good to them.


And me with the birthday boy.  This is what a couple looks like after a very yucky week…fevers, coughing galore, headaches, cracked tooth, two fever blisters, ear infection….need I go on?  Gracious!  We were nothing short of a mess.  Thankfully, I think we’re on the mend, and he has a dentist appointment to get that tooth fixed!

So besides getting older, we are still learning around here.  All the sickness may have tried to slow this teacher down, but I am set on not getting behind!!!  We have charged ahead and will be doing work over the weekend to keep in step.  That math through June is still fresh in my mind—ain’t happening again, Lord-willing!

Mack made a ziggurat out of legos this week:


And Molly continues to take photos on my phone like this:


What am I going to do with her???


Every now and then she gets Ruby involved.

Oh and Mack made glasses out of his legos, too!


He’s a master builder, that boy!

We’ve got football practice and birthday parties and church and school this weekend…hold on to your hat!


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