A Different Kind of Wondering

So the other day I wrote a blog post about the wonder of this life I get to live…the sweet faces of my kids and the day to day tasks that God has given for me to perform.  Sweet and lovely and precious.

There is another kind of wondering that goes on around here. Like, wondering if home schooling the kids is going to send me to an early grave. And yes, we are only two weeks in.

Or, “I wonder why I have asked Mack to take his Timothy shirt upstairs at least ten times and yet it is still downstairs?”


Or, “I wonder how long Mack has been watching Power Rangers on my iPad in his dad’s office?”


Or even wondering if it is too early to start a math lesson count down? Would it send the wrong message?  Gah, I despise checking math.


“I wonder why there is a glass of water with a pencil in it in the bathroom?”


“I wonder why there are screwdrivers in the living room? I wonder if this means Mack took something apart again?”


“I wonder why we have a school room when they all usually end up in the living room?”


“I wonder when we will get used to our new routine and not be overwhelmed by our checklists? I wonder when I won’t feel the need for a 2:00 nap….”


“I am seriously wondering if Mack listens to a word I say during the timeline lesson each week. I wonder if he will always remember me slamming my hand down on the table to get his attention today while he was creating something out a belt and tape and a rubber thing while I was trying to teach about the timeline?” Let’s hope not.


“I wonder what is the best way to keep up with these verses and many more we are to be memorizing this year?”


I wonder how much a full-time chef costs?

I wonder if someone wants to come clean my house and keep my laundry going for free?

I wonder if fall weather will come quickly so that I can send my kids into the yard soon?

Oh, the wonder in one week of my life.

2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Wondering

  1. The wondering never stops… I’m 60 and I still wonder. I wonder why God blessed me with 3 of the best women to be my daughters….. Not to mention 3 of the most beautiful ladies I know….

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