I {heart} my family!

We are wrapping up our summer and turning our heads and hearts toward a bit more of a routine.  I am still not anxiously looking forward to starting school work with the kids, but I feel certain that once we get started, we will be ready for whatever comes our way!


First of all, THIS happened.  Ruby went to The Middle School building for Sunday School today.  Wowza! I remember like yesterday taking her to Ms. Shirley in nursery as a 6 week old baby!!!!  I could not imagine then what a joy Ruby would be to our family.  She is absolutely my favorite 11 year old girl in all the world.  I love her personality—how God has made her.  And I am so excited for her time in Middle School as she makes new friends and develops the friends she has had for so many years at church.  I pray she is a good example, a strong leader, and a compassionate friend.

We came home and listened to each of them tell all about their new classes over lunch.  Sweet times.

Then, I did some deep cleaning this afternoon, which makes me so happy.  A clean house is my love language…even if I am the one that has to do the cleaning.  The accomplished feeling I get after blinds have been cleaned and base boards have been washed is fabulous! Toilets sparkling and mirrors shining….amazing.  I did bribe the kids with a trip to Bahama Bucks after Molly started helping me.  I could see how much faster things would go if everyone pitched in, so I told the kids that after Dad woke up from his Sunday afternoon nap, he would take them all for a regular sized shaved ice!  And off to work they all went.  A little piece of heaven was happening upstairs in my bedroom and bathroom and their bedrooms.  And the bonus was that no one bothered Dad while he slept (though none of them ever bother their Dad while he sleeps).  They have no problem waking me up though, of course.  This reminds me of a story.  Mack, very assuredly, said to me the other day, “Mom, how is it that you are always wide awake when we come in during the middle of the night?”  Josh got a kick out of that.  I mean, really?  Does Mack really think I am just sitting in the bed, wide awake and ready to talk at 2:30am???  Crazy boy.

Anyway, back to whatever it was I was talking about…..

The house is clean, laundry is going strong, and we plan to soak up some sun tomorrow to put a cherry on top of our “wrap-up” of summer.

I’ve decided that we will start Tuesday with Bible, Reading, Math and Science and do that each of the following days of this week.  We will add Language Arts and History the next week.  We have to take it slow so that I don’t burn out in week 2.

Another bright spot of our weekend was time taking Family Photos!  I must say that I can see much spiritual growth in Josh’s life in how he reacts to Family Photo Day.  I schedule a family photo every two or three years.  It’s not like a quarterly endeavor, or even annually!  But Josh did not complain one single second about Family Photo Day.  He actually was quite chipper about it all.  I was so appreciative of him for not making it a laborious task.  The smiles were all genuine!

dormany family_-121Audrey Grace Photography took the pictures.  Audrey is a sweet young girl with lots of talent and a sweet personality!  Her family is very dear to us…we are so thankful God has allowed our paths to cross during this season of our lives.  From raising daughters advice and wisdom, crafts and funny stories and more, The Jones Family is very special to us.

dormany family_-9

Love these little boogers.  

dormany family_-106Because don’t you also stand in the middle of a country road as a family?  Well, either way, I love how this one turned out!

dormany family_-139This is when Josh propped his arm on the barn wall and said, “You come here often?”

dormany family_-141I laughed at him.  I love him so much….he is such a great husband.  I seriously cannot imagine life without him.  He’s just the best for me.

We aren’t good at those longing looks while someone is snapping pictures of us….we save those for other times….but I’ll keep that information off this family blog.

So, that is what has been going on around here.  I mean, I did leave out last week when we, somehow, thought going to DollyWood in the summer was a grand idea.  While the water park was a good idea and they all enjoyed the rides there, the amusement park was beyond HOT.  I was basically melting as I walked around the park holding the bags and cups and waiting for them to ride all the crazy rides they love.  I admit, by Thursday late afternoon I was getting annoyed.  I was miserable and didn’t mind letting Molly know I would ride the Fire Chaser with her once more, but then we were going home because I said so!

Then, on the way home we were searching for a good radio station and heard the country song, “You’re Gonna Miss This.”  I cried. And for a second I wished I could go back and end our little adventure with a smile…..but I couldn’t.  But I mean, who writes songs like that????  It is such a sad song.  Very true, but very sad for this mama on that hot summer day!  Thankful for new mornings…..and cool mornings.

I do love my family!  Thankful for the time I have with them.

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