Look who’s 11!!!


 This sweet girl turns 11 today!  I have loved watching her grow and mature into a lovely young lady. Ruby is a reader!  She still loves playing with her dollhouse, and her imagination is out of this world. She is loyal and consistent. Ruby takes her oldest sister role seriously…always ready to make sure Molly and Mack are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. She is laid back, and I love spending time with her. She’s the only child I have that is perfectly ok with silence and just being together without having to be doing something. 

We are taking her to DollyWood today for her birthday. It’s her favorite place!  


New shoes and earrings and a watch and other fun birthday items. 

I’m sure I will take some pictures at the park and add them later. Technically, I’m writing this the night before from the hotel bedroom. I’m exhausted. We have had a challenging two weeks, and we put a cherry on top this morning when Josh took me to the ER. See, earlier this week I had some sort of allergic reaction — a first for me in all my 38 years. It didn’t let up even after steroid shot and steroid pills, so I went to another doc who gave me another steroid shot and told me to keep taking the pills. Two days later, I still had awful welps and miserable itching. My lip was swelling again, so I start feeling like surely I’m going to die (dramatic much?). So we went to the ER where they gave me an IV of steroids, Benadryl and Pepcid. Fun times. 

Mack was watching all that the nurse was doing and was starting to feel weird. He didn’t say much, but he told Josh he needed to stand up a second. My eyes were closed because I don’t do well with anything hospital related. Evidently, Mack doesn’t either because before we knew it that boy was flat on the floor!  He passed out!!  So there we sat—Molly in her arm brace for her broken arm, me with the IV meds and Mack passed out on the floor!  What a sight we were. The staff took good care of Mack and assured us that this happens often. The girls were crying hysterically because they love their brother and it scared the poo out of them when he fell out. 

Gracious. We have hit a rough patch if there ever was one. I am doing much better it seems…but pray with me that I can know what caused such a reaction. I’ve been a bit anxious about it all and have been asking God to give me perfect peace as I keep my mind steadfastly on Him, trusting Him (Isaiah 26:3, I think).

Mack is doing great. He says that at least now he has a story to tell!

So, Ruby, after a day like today (5/25), let’s hope your birthday (5/26) is low-key and stress-free!  We love our Ruby-Doo!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUBY!!!! Sounds like you guys NEED a fun and relaxing trip! I hope you all have a wonderful trip. Rennison and I prayed for you today 🙂 I am sure you will receive some answers regarding your allergy. Love you all!!

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