Fun weekend!

We went to Augusta on Friday to spend time celebrating my mom. I won’t be in town for Mother’s Day or her birthday next week, so we planned an early trip over for those special days. 



We drove over to Athens, GA for Josh to lead the chapel service for the UGA baseball team. It was actually the first time we have taken our kids to a game, and they liked it a lot. Last week I told Mack what we were doing…”We’re going to Athens and watch the team play that Daddy used to play on, UGA.”  Mack looked at me confused. “Really??  Daddy played baseball there. Where is it?  What’s the name?”  It made me laugh. I know we’ve talked about it before, but evidently he didn’t get it. 

The whole day brought back lots of memories. It feels like a whole lifetime ago that he and I were dating, and I was at the field watching him play. I was so proud of him being able to go back and share with those guys about the most important part of life—Jesus. 















Friends of oursmet us there!  We had fun!



And Mack woke up this morning and put this outfit together. 

 I think he will want to go to another game! What a fun weekend with family! 

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