Books and Nails And Legos

Tonight the kids and I went to eat Mexican and spend Mack’s birthday gift card at Target. I’m well aware of how different they are and tonight it was very clear as soon as we walked in the door.  


Ruby was set on not letting us skip our read aloud this evening. She claimed this book as the one SHE was going to read aloud–not me!  And it was only fair considering she has read Caddie Woodlawn three times on her own. She is hilarious as she gets to certain sections she enjoys more than others…and she asks us questions about what we think is about to happen!  I love to hear her read. 


And Molly. She was painting her nails before I set my purse down!  This girl is too funny to me. 


And Mack, though he tried to spend his money on something other than Legos, he just couldn’t do it. 


Sure am thankful for these kids and all the time I get with them. I’m thankful for Josh who works to provide so that my concentration can be at home on my family. Thankful for this season. ❤️

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  1. I found Ruby’s Old Yeller book…. I will mail it to her tomorrow. I’m thinking Ruby might read to me when I am in the nursing home. Tell Molly I love that nail polish. I just smiled when I saw Mack wearing his overalls! Love you all!


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